Dear Tony,
Today is the tenth birthday we missed with you and we all miss you so much.  I hope you're having fun with the musicians that joined you this year and I hope you'll understand if we make you wait a while for us.

Miss you, Dee.

P.S.: Please forgive us in advance for kicking the Cowboys out of the playoff hunt on Sunday.

P.P.S.: I think I came across some more pictures of you that aren't below.  I'll post them soon.
At Kris & Loretta's Wedding (10-1-2005)

                                                                    March 17, 2016
Dear Tony (our favorite O'Talian),
               Found this posted on facebook by your son, Nick.

Most Recent Photo added (3-18-16)
(Thanks to Nick Canalichio)


 To family, friends and Fire&Ice fans: Our sadness, as we remember what would have been his sixty-eighth birthday, is blessedly tempered by memories of him and thoughts of who he is probably performing with right now (as if a little thing like death would stop him).  Our friend and brother-in-arms, Tony Marco (Anthony Canalichio)

(updated 3-18-16)

Some photos of Tony (below).

Still posting them, so visit us again.

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