Billy & Paj (and Kris & Loretta) were invited by ?estLove (whom we first met at age 5) to be backstage guests at the Philly 4th of July concert to renew old Lee Andrews & The Hearts acquaintances (Donn, Jaqui, and Karen & family) and to spend time with recent and new friends on the job. It was so good to see everybody and to see that they were all healthy, happy, and doing fine. The weather was fine and it was a great day of music and camaraderie. Thanks to everyone! We are truly blessed!

 We shot a lot of pictures, which you can view here.

(To 4-Play Band):
We at Komen send our heartfelt appreciation for the support and generosity of the donation. We Thank you sincerely for choosing Komen Philadelphia for your fundraiser and hope we can partner for next year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
That donation will help pay for free screening and mammograms and treatment  for uninsured and underinsured women who I know are thankful to your Band as well.
Through those screenings many lives have been saved and know that the 4-PLAY BAND has helped us to continue our mission in serving woman throughout the Tri-State area.

Best regards,
                                             Susan G. Komen
Bernadette White                                     
125 South 9th Street, Suite 202
Outreach Education Coordinator               Philadelphia, Pa. 19107

This year (2014), 4-Play Band wants to at least quadruple our contribution so, please, help us support a noble and necessary cause by either donating directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation or by purchasing a Pink&Black 4-Play t-shirt from us (all of the profits go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation).
For all dates, see the 2014 Calendar and 2015 Calendar.
Updated  12-15-2014
New Downingtown VFW date (5-16-2015)
New Holly Lakes Resort date (5-23-2015)
New Riddle Ale House dates (2-13 & 3-28-2015)
New date at The Hideaway (2-21-2015)
New Reef Dates (2-7-2015; 3-13; 4-17)
New dates at the Tap Room (3-7-2015 & 5-2-2015)
New date at Barnaby's of Ridley Park (1-17-2015)
New Riddle Ale House dates (12-19)
New date for a Fox Chase Benefit (TBA)

---see the FULL CALENDAR

New Photos: The Expressions with Tony Marco; Fire&Ice lost Meetinghouse Road Party photos; Red Rose Inn Brandywine Room poster; and Fire&Ice/Junction 1973 Poster photo added to the Tony Marco Memorial Photos.
New Photos: The Hideaway (12-13); The Reef (12-6). These photos are in the December 2014 folder.
New Photos: The Tap Room (11-26); The Hideaway (11-22); The Riddle Ale House (11-14); The Reef (11-7); The Mullen's Halloween Party (11-1).  These photos are in the November 2014 folder.
New Photos: VIP Night at The Reef (10-1); 5th Annual Ridley Park Fall Festival (10-12); Birthday Party at the Oaks Ballroom (10-18); Bulldog Bash - Monster Mash (10-25).  Photos are in the October 2014 folder.
New Photos: A Taste Of Key West (9-27), Casey's Ridley Park (9-20); The Reef (9-19); Dr. T.A. Martin & Associates Open-House BBQ (9-18).  Photos are in the September 2014 folder.
New Photos: The Reef (8-29); 1st Annual Dave Pearson Memorial Golf Tournament (8-11); Springfield's National Night Out (8-5); Holly Lakes Resort Pig Roast (8-2).  Photos are in the August 2014 folder.
New Photos: Larry sits in with the David Christopher Band; the Cafe Scalessa closing (7-12); Duffer's Mill (7-18); the DelVets Pool Party (7-19); the Tap Room (7-25); more Tap Room photos from Kathy (7-25); Maximillian's (7-31).  Photos are in the July 2014 folder).
New Photos: Backstage at the Philly Welcome America 2014 July 4th Jam are in the Welcome America 2014 folder.

Video (Cafe Scalessa [Padua Pandas], Barnaby's of Ridley, Maximillian's, West Bradford Day, Bill's Birthday Party, St. Joe's Fair; The Red Zone; Springfield National Night Out crowd shots; Hannah's Party) on YouTube

4-PlayBand on Facebook

4-PayBand on YouTube

4-Play Band  performed on the Talk Philly show on CBS3 on Tuesday, July 16th, with Ukee Washington & Katie FehlingerThe segment  was aired on the Talk Philly ShowThursday, August 29th (Hosted by Ukee Washington & Pat Ciarrocci).  We were treated warmly from the moment we walked into the CBS3 facility.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, was just soooo nice and kind to us.  (Broadcast 3.1; FIOS 003; XFinity 002; RCN 3)

Click Here to View the Video

     N.B.: The 2013 homepage text was moved here (to the 2013 Photos Archive page).

     Our next public appearance is at the Riddle Ale House on Friday (12-19)---a great place to dine, party and dance.          
See Larry before he gets drafted to work in Santa's Workshop!
     Thanks to everyone who stopped out at the Hideaway on Saturday, 12-13-14 (you won't see another sequential date like that for over 88 years)!  A great place to get a really good burger and fries (Shelly). We'll be back there in February.
     A BIG SHOUT-OUT to all of our loyal friends, family and fans who came out to see us on a dark and stormy night at the Reef on Saturday (12-6). We can't thank you enough for the continued friendship and support that you show for us.  We are truly blessed to be able to play for each and every one of you! And---
lets not forget Charlie and the staff at the Reef.  
If you have never been to the Reef, you'll be sure to enjoy yourself there. Great food, wonderful staff, good people, good entertainment, convenient parking, and Keno and Sports Betting.  
     Thanks to everyone who braves a cold and rainy night to join us at The Tap Room on Wednesday (11-26---Thanksgiving Eve).  A great place to party.  How do they get those hot dogs to taste so good?  We'll be returning to the Tap Room on March 7th and May 2nd.
     Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at our debut at the Hideaway (Saturday, 11-22).  We had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people.  We're coming back to the Hideaway on Saturday, December 13th.  If we don't see you before then, see you there.
anks to everyone who came out to see us at the Riddle Ale House (Friday, 11-14)---always a party!
     Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the The Reef on Friday, 11-7.  Always great food, drink, Keno and more at the REEF.  Pictures are in the November 2014 folder.
     We had a great time at the Mullen's Halloween party last night.  Thanks to all who attended and the Mullens for having us there!  Tons of pictures in the November 2014 folder.  
     We welcome back our drummer, Stevie, from his trip to California (had to pick up Jeff Spicolli and then jet over to London and jam with the Stones).  Don't call him the "boy-a from LaHoya."
     Last weekend we had a private birthday party at the Oaks Ballroom.  The people at the Oaks always make us feel at home and the food is fantastic.  We had a great time and met a lot of nice people.
     Thanks to everyone who came out to see as at the Ridley Park Fall Festival on Sunday, 10-12 (and a special shout-out to Mike Dano and Creative Entertainment for, among other things, staging and sound).  We apologize for the short set.  We were hoping that we could go overtime and give you a full set but the 6:00pm cut-off for the festival was written in stone. We could have bumped an earlier act but that just didn't seem fair to any of the other performers who also worked hard to see that everybody had a good time.  So, if you feel cheated, if you didn't get enough 4-Play, please check out our schedule---we have upcoming dates at the St. James Bulldog Bash Monster Mash, the Reef, the Riddle Ale House, the Hideaway, and the Tap Room.  You know we're always glad to see you!
     Maximillian's had a farewell party on Saturday (10-11) but they are still open.  It was packed and it was great to run into friends.  The Jammers did a great job of keeping everybody dancing.
     We had a GREAT time at A Taste of Key West on Saturday, 9-27, for their season finale.  We hope to see the crew at A Taste Of Key West next season.  Thanks to all who came out and supported us, and a special shout-out to the management and staff who made us feel so welcome and made the night a party!
     This booking was originally held by Full Throttle, who needed to switch the date so that their original-material project, Hammer Down, could hold their CD Release Party at the World Cafe in Philly.  Best wishes and prayers to Chico and Heather, bandmates, and all involved, so that ALL goes well.  Rock It!

     Special shouts-out to all of our loyal fans and supporters who spent time with us at the Reef on 9-19 and on 8-29.  Thanks for dancing, partying, and joining the band on stage.  We love you!

     Thanks to all who attended Dr. Tim Martin & Associates BBQ.  What a great group of people.  Don't miss the next one---always open to the public!

     Thanks to all who came out to the 1st Annual Dave Pearson Memorial Golf Tournament at the Talamore Country Club on Monday, 8-11.  Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the family, friends, co-workers and associates of Dave. Special thanks go out to all the volunteers who planned, organized and staffed the event---what an amazingly beautiful group of people.

     Thanks to all who came out to Springfield's National Night Out on Tuesday (8-5).  Springfield knows how to do it right.  A great evening for the family and the community---even before you got to some fabulous prizes and raffles.  Thanks to everybody involved (pictures are here in the August 2014 folder)!

     Thanks to all who stopped out at  Maximillian's on Thursday, 7-31.  As you know, it was an opportunity to show appreciation for the support Maximillian's has shown the community and musicians throughout the years (and they have been absolutely wonderful people to work with).  It was great to see you there!

     We would like to offer our thanks and appreciation to the staff and patrons of the Tap Room for having us on Friday, July 25.  Special shouts-out to our fans who came out and to those who purchased 4-Play t-shirts for the cause.

     Thanks for the great time at the block party for the 900 block of Ormond Avenue in Drexel Hill on Saturday, May 31.

     Thanks to all who came out and partied with us at  Barnaby's of Ridley Park.  The management and staff at Brnaby's of Ridley Park have truly made this place a great place to dine, hang out, and party.  Flatbread pizza (and women) to die for!

     Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Casey's Ridley Park on Saturday, May 3.  What a great place to party!

     Thanks to everybody who came out to see us at The Reef on Saturday, April 26.  If you haven't been to The Reef before, they offer good food, keno, sports betting---and on 4-26---us!  Also, a special word of thanks to Charlie Ross at The Reef for letting us reschedule our June 21 date so we could play at a friend's birthday party.  Also, a special shout-out to Trish for the photos.
     Thanks to all who came to see us at the  Downingtown VFW (we're all members) on Saturday (4-5).  It was great to see our friends from the Downingtown area again!
     Thanks to everyone who partied with us at the Café Scalessa (Home of the Humongous Meatball) on Saturday (3-29)!

     Thanks to everyone who stopped out to the Riddle Ale House on Friday (3-14) and Maximillian's on Saturday (3-15).
        Thanks to everybody who came out to see us at Jimmy Mac's on Saturday (3-8).  Always great to get Back2DaMac!  Always a party!
      Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at The Reef (2-28) and Casey's Ridley Park (3-1).  We had a great time this weekend, seeing old friends and making new ones.    
       Thanks to all who came out to see us at the Café Scalessa (2-22).  Can't wait to get back in March!        Thanks to all who came out to the Knights of Columbus Brandywine Club Valentine's Party on Friday, 2-14.  Good food & a great time---the KofC Christopher Council #3182 knows how to throw a party.  It was nice to see Elsie & Trish, and Jack, Manny, Mike and MICKEY!  A special thanks to all who braved the icy weather on Saturday, 2-15, to come and see us at  Maximillian's.  We hope that you all had a great time!  Special shouts-out to Maggie & company, the Mullens (as always!), Dante & Stacy AND Mark C., the crowd from the Phoenix Room, and Ed & Debbie.  Thanks for making the night!

     Thanks to everyone who stopped out at Barnaby's of Ridley (Friday, 1-31) and the Riddle Ale House on Saturday (2-1).  Great to see Shelly & Company, Freddie and Kath, Jimmy,  and Trish, again!  Happy birthday, Elsie!  To Mike & Bobby Ritz and Cousin Ralph: GET BETTER!

     Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Duffer's Mill on Friday, January 17th.  Special shouts-out to Cindy & Co., Baby-Baby & AJ, Krista & Friend, and Al & Larry from Take Two (good group!).  Lots of fun! (Photos).
      Thanks to everybody who came out to Café Scalessa on Saturday, January 11th, especially the Padua Pandas Class of 1986, who made it a party!
   Thanks to Mike Vagnoni and all the people at Out On The Town for the nice article that they did on us.  (Read the article here).
Please note that 2015 dates are quickly filling up for us.  Several clubs have asked us for regular rotation dates, which could affect the availability of 3-4 dates per month from now until the end of the year.  If you are considering having the 4-Play Band as part of your affair, please don't hesitate to contact us---and the sooner, the better!

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